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About a month ago, I was scrolling through my twitter feed and saw a tweet from a man whose work I admire, Mr. Matt Halfhill, founder of His tweet had the hashtag IRVINE in it. I immediately tweeted at him saying that I wish I had known he was going to be in Orange County so we could link up and do an interview. Much to my surprise,(CLICK HERE)


Recently, I was hanging out with my good friend Matt (@turnbumt) and Sam (@captain_sam) and talking about different places that we enjoy going in Laguna Beach. One shop that the two of the both enjoyed was a shop called NORTH. They both told me I needed to go and meet the owner, Mr. Pete Surprenant... (CLICK HERE)


YUGEN//+ was founded by John Adegbuji in May of 2014. The name comes from traditional Japanese aesthetics. Yugen put into our own words, to simplify things, is a “speechless beauty”.(CLICK HERE)


Drawing inspiration from the earth tones and natural expanse of their home state of Colorado, the Akomplice crew delivers a clean, inventive collection for Fall '14. Akomplice(CLICK HERE)


Celebrating the pride, purity, and passion of the game, the World Basketball Festival (WBF) returns this month to the heart of Chicago, Illinois. The Windy City is an ideal (CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE)


The latest series of Word. Notebooks is our most contemporary to date. Every line helps compose at least two polygons across the front and back giving each notebook a fractal appearance. We’ve opted for more vivid colors this time around, choosing a white cover paper base to make each shade really stand out. They’re modern, bright and bold, and the latest to add to your Word. collection.

Each features a unique system for keeping all the things you jot down in order. Your to do lists will be cleaner, your notes will be more organized and your notebook won’t look like a disaster

Every Word. Notebook is designed and made in the USA.


About a month ago, I was up exploring the area in LA of Fairfax and Melrose with a good friend of mine. While we were doing our pick-ups, we were talking about a lot about hip-hop and its influence on fashion. We went into one shop, ADBD, and met upcoming rapper Troi Breeze. I later had the chance to sit down with Troi and put together this interview:(CLICK HERE)

In the music culture today, especially that of hip hop, many of the lyrics shed a negative light on the female gender. From lyrics like "these h**s ain't loyal"  and being seen as sex objects, many women today are struggling to meet the unattainable standards of what beauty has been set by society. 

In a recent single by John Legend, he out all of that negativity aside. He chose to focus on the perfections that women have and bring with themselves. 

Artist such as Chris Brown and Kid Ink have written songs about wanting a "Main Chick" out of all of the other girls they "hang out" around while out. Rather than writing lyrics talking about all the women that might want him, Legend talks about how he feels about his special one and only.

If you have not already heard this  track, you should definitely give it a listen


Ten years ago to the month, life was breathed into the first Akomplice designs. To celebrate this momentous anniversary, Akomplice has teamed up with the famed Philadelphia nostalgia purveyors at Mitchell & Ness. The collaborative collection marks the first 10 year anniversary release for Akomplice and the year 2004 is featured front and center. While the collection celebrates Akomplice's 10 year anniversary, the theme harkens back to 1994, 10 years prior to the brand's inception, paying homage to an era that inspired owners Mike and Patrick Liberty. The theme is driven home by mid-nineties staples in the form of contrast cut and sew jerseys, as well as a matching cyclist cap. The classic navy blue and maroon color palette reinforces the nostalgic vibe while the tagline "made in the woods" references Akomplice's humble beginnings in the mountains of Colorado. The details of the collection are executed flawlessly, with Akomplice co-branding appearing on the iconic Mitchell & Ness jersey tag. The anniversary collection will see a limited release exclusive to the Akomplice webstore and Flagship store on Thursday, July 10th at 10:00pm EST.

So Much Love

The Akomplice Summer 2014 Collection is based on a three word ethos the brand lives and breathes, "for the love." More than money or fame, this brand is driven by love, and this is apparent in their Summer 2014 offering. While each collection marks maturation, the Summer release may be the brand's most complete to date. Not only is it one of their most extensive offerings, but it serves up a fresh set of in-house patterns that adorn a range of cut and sew pieces. Clean pieces such as the blue dilation anorak and black stripe moan joggers are complemented by classic Akomplice humor, with the likes of the Egyptian tee’s inside print. The finesse of the hand-crafted cut and sew pieces is balanced by raw wit, which you can find on many items throughout the collection. Have a look under the Paradise Umbrella to see what we mean, or call the phone number where Miss Cleo now works to see the attention to detail haha! Akomplice's prowess for innovation is on display with the Summer 2014 Collection, as co-founder Patrick Liberty puts it, "this is one of my favorite collections that Akomplice has ever come out with." Founded for the love and created with love, the collection drops at retailers and in the Akomplice webstore on Saturday, June 7th. 


Akomplice's roots in Brazil run deep. The brand's latest philanthropic effort stems from their satellite office in South Brazil and is a testament to their investment in youth culture. For their impending capsule collection, Akomplice has partnered with Original Kids on a two piece collaborative t-shirt series. The capsule collection is Akomplice's latest installment in a long lineage of philanthropy. Rather than follow the typical charity structure, however, Akomplice brought the beneficiaries, in this case foster children in South Brazil, into the creative framework. The children were presented with a pair of images and encouraged to add their own artistic interpretation through the medium of paint. The freshly reinterpreted images were then scanned, printed and emblazoned on a pair of truly unique t-shirts and crew necks. In addition to fostering creativity, Akomplice will donate 50% of the profits garnered from the capsule collection to same foster care children they tapped to collaborate. While Akomplice maintains a stronghold in hip-hop culture through their work with Raekwon and J Dilla and Joey Bada$$, it's their unwavering commitment to philanthropy that sets them apart within the industry. This not the first time Akomplice has chosen to give back, and it will not be the last. 

With the upcoming games happening in Brazil, this project is very well timed and well designed. You can believe I will be getting a few pieces from this collection for myself!

Look for the capsule collection to be available worldwide at Akomplice retailers, and hit the Akomplice webstore Saturday, April 26th at 2:26PM EST.


FS Clothing

This past weekend, I attended yet another one of Santa Ana's ARTWALK events. This time around, there was a up and coming streetwear clothing spot  that was open. I went by to take a look around and saw some of the usual faces. However, I saw a group that I did not know of and had never seen. This group was a guy, and two of his best friends. They were called FS Clothing. The designs of their clothing are done all (READ MORE)


Akomplice’s Spring 1 collection covers the full spectrum, which is what we have now come to expect from the nearly 10-year-old brand. The collection boasts a wide variety of garments, including a goose-down coat, a belt, an assortment of hats, tees, tanks, crewnecks, and socks. A paramount item from the collection comes in the form of the Padded Mountaineer, a lightweight winter jacket that features leather elbow pads, a secret stash pocket, and hiking-boot laces as the drawstrings, which match the Onitsuka Tiger shoe that Akomplice designed for BAIT. This season, we find Akomplice partnering with some of their past comrades of KIKS TYO and the Nature Conservancy. The Dark Cat and Protect Panther series serve to further the mission to protect endangered species' habitats by giving back 10% of profits to the Nature Conservancy. With KIKS TYO, they introduced a new themed capsule collection that was inspired by the Olympics. Both brands are known for their love of basketball, and this is apparent throughout the entire collection. Look carefully and you will see that both brands have their countries’ flags represented in the capsule’s color schematics. The collaborative shoe was hand-made in Japan and only offered via KIKS TYO’s distribution. The Dealer Beanie was created in conjunction with Akomplice’s long-term Ohio retailer, NEXT’s house brand – VOID – for all your neighborhood pusha men. The other Akomplice beanie cleverly features all your favorite chemical compounds: THC, LSD, and MDMA. To round off the collection, the AK brand presents new iterations of their classic pocket watch and pelican belt, now offered in gunmetal and suede leather, respectively. Spring 1 is another thorough offering from the folks over at Akomplice. The collection is now available at Akomplice boutiques worldwide and drops on the Akomplice Webstore this Saturday, 2/22/14, at 2:22PM.

This collection looks extremely rad and is sure to be a sell-out spring hit! From retro edited dream-team photos to bright bucket hats (shout-out Schoolboy Q and Joey Bada$$) you should head over and grab some fresh apparel.

Jordan Melo 1.5

2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Carmelo Anthony being a part of the Air Jordan with the release of his Melo 10. Jordan released a retro of his Melo 1.5. This shoe is a hybrid of the Air Jordan 1 and 2 as well as Anthony's first two shoes. The sneaker has parts that we custom made for Melo so that he was able to play in them come game time. 

With a simple 2-tone color way and simple features, the Melo 1.5 is one of the best release to start 2014 off. The shoe retails for $120.00 and is available at most sneaker online retailers. 



Introduced in 1992, the Air Max 180 is the brainchild of legendary sneaker designer, Tinker Hatfield. In most instances, the otherwise understated design featured pops of color around the 180 degree visible Air Unit as well as on the tongue, Swoosh, and heel counter. It quickly grew in popularity when it became a favorite among select players on the ’92 Dream Team in Barcelona.

The latest iterations of the Air Max 180 take it back to the early ‘90s. One pair is predominantly summit white, with bright concord accents and a metallic gold Swoosh. You may know this pair as being the one His Airness wore on several occasions in Barcelona. The other pair, better recognized as an OG Air Max 180 colorway, features a white summit base with magenta and laser crimson accents.

The Air Max 180 QS is an extremely comfortable shoe and extremely light. Head over to Nike and pick yourself a pair.

Summer Swagger in Winter

The mercury may be dropping, but Akomplice calls on a tropical vibe for their Winter Flamingo capsule collection. With offices in Brazil, Colorado and California the Akomplice crew has lately been juxtaposing summer and winter inspirations. Laden with a blend of their floral print and flamingo mascot offset by a stark black background, the capsule collection works as a novel way to ring in the season. The collection offers a thorough look complete with a beanie, bucket and 5 panel as well as a crew neck, hoodie, all-over embroidered trousers, jacket and socks.. The bucket hat has begun to garner acclaim prior to release by way of Joey Bada$$ sporting it for the release of his Akomplice curated, J. Dilla produced track "Two Lips" on Look for the collection in stores and online this Saturday the 7th.

J Dilla FNDN x Joey Bada$$ x Akomplice

Akomplice has melded the posthumous talents of J Dilla (partnering with the J Dilla Foundation) with those of the burgeoning Brooklyn emcee, Joey Bada$$ in a collaborative capsule that will enable youth access to music. Included within the collection is a t-shirt and crew neck that pay homage to the hallowed producer through an angelic cloud-graphic of J Dilla's face cleanly printed across both. But a collaboration of this magnitude wouldn't be complete without original music. Also included is a 45 record exclusive to the capsule which contains an unreleased Dilla beat dubbed "Two Lips" on Side A and an unreleased Joey Bada$$ track over the aforementioned beat on Side B. Those fortunate enough to obtain "The Set" will be blessed with the J Dilla sublimation shirt, in which the cloud-graphic appears across the entire tee and a newspaper highlighted by a candid interview with Dilla's mom, "Miss Yancey", Joey Bada$$ and Akomplice co-owner, Patrick Liberty. Through this collaboration, Akomplice is proud to play a role in bridging two generations of hip-hop that will reverberate with today's youth and empower them through music. As Joey describes it, "This project has been a dream come true, working with the soul of my favorite producer of all time is an honor." 

While the product and unreleased tunes are cause for excitement, philanthropy is at the core of this collab. As many may know, the J Dilla Foundation's noble credo is to expose impoverished youth to music through funding inner-city music programs. As youth music programs are continually slashed nationwide, Akomplice, the J Dilla Foundation and Joey Bada$$ will donate 100% of the collection profits to buying instruments and music lessons for underprivileged kids. Miss Yancey will be distributing the spoils of this collection in the form of instruments to children in Detroit while Joey will follow suit at his alma mater in Brooklyn. More than receiving the gift of music, consumers will be providing the gift of music with each purchase to those that would otherwise go without. The limited capsule collection will be available in 29 countries at select Akomplice retailers starting November 29th. The complete collection will also be available online in the Akomplice webstore(

While Akomplice continues to push the boundaries of creativity, equally important to them is enriching the lives of generations to come. This tenet of social responsibility is a sentiment shared by the J Dilla foundation and Joey Bada$$ which make them perfect partners and reinforces the notion that there is more at stake than the bottom line, there is the love of music.


Long associated with tireless work, devilish deeds and classic American style, the bandana is entrenched in U.S. history. Despite its global popularity, the paisley accessory is perhaps most strongly linked to cowboys out West during the 19th century who wore them to protect against dirt and dust on the trail.

The latest limited edition Word. Notebook is inspired by the classic Western staple. It’s an ode to hard work and sharp design. Sporting a unique paisley pattern, each is perfect for tossing in your pocket to keep track of all the things you have to get done even if a cattle drive isn’t on your list.

While we wouldn’t recommend wiping your brow with it after a day in the sun, you’ll be glad you have it by your side. Of course, the series is limited, so it’s recommended that you’re quick on the draw.

Each features a unique system for keeping all the things you jot down in order. Your to do lists will be cleaner, your notes will be more organized and your notebook won’t look like a disaster.

Every Word. Notebook is designed and made in the USA.

Photos courtesy of WORD. NOTEBOOKS



The people over at AKOMPLICE CLOTHING teamed up with skate brand SHORTY'S for a t-shirt collaboration. Below is 

 The original Shorty's shirt was like a mad magazine where when you folded it together it said f*** you. Here we find Akomplice using their hyperlight ink, so when you walk out side the letters appear in the crossword puzzle that spell f*** you. The brand is know for always going the extra mile with their design so its no surprise the crossword puzzle is an actual crossword puzzle and the t-shirt comes with a co-branded sharpie. The crossword puzzle consists of questions that hold the history of the brands. On top of this nice touch they are doing a contest open to the public. 

First person to the correct answers to the crossword will win $500 worth of goodies shown in the picture below. Tons of skate hardware and fresh clothes. Good luck. This collab release this Thursday October 3, 2013 at 12pm EST on the Akomplice Webstore.


Akomplice Fall 2013 - The Coming

Through the mixture of mediums both digital and tangible, Akomplice has re-imagined the lookbook for Fall 2013. More than a flipbook(CLICK HERE)


Doughnuts/Donuts. There are many different doughnuts that are common among many mom and pop and chain shops (CLICK HERE)


This last month, i had the opportunity to meet up, and chat it up with a young musician name Travis Barrett. Travis is an Orange County based musician...(CLICK HERE)


This past weekend, I was able to get my hands on a pair of the Air Jordan 5 "Fire Red...(CLICK HERE)


In early 2012, pop icon MACKELMORE and RYAN LEWIS came out with the chart popping hit "Thrift Shop"(CLICK HERE)

Everybody head over to HypTrak . com and download the new mixtape from DJ Jazzy Jeff and MICK! (CLICK HERE)


From writing down your deepest secrets to trying to plan your sneaker pcik-ups for the next couple months, journals are the place to put all of these notes. (CLICK HERE)


With so much going on, we like to try and keep our readers up to date in other places besides just here. You can follow us on our PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM, and both Twitter accounts (bnycesawag and thredman


All of the hype around Retro Jordan releases has made me want to take a different view on my kick game. I went to...(click here)


In early February, Reebok released a classic throwback...(click here)


The past couple of months have been filled with highly anticipate retro releases as well as new releases. Stay tuned all this week for a new pcik-up review. #wearyourkicks


Kevin Durant and the good people over at Nike have teamed up to help with the recovery efforts... (CLICK HERE)


Recently, I had the opportunity to meet and have coffee with an upcoming East Coast photgrapher named Natalie Leonard. I had the chance to sit down with Natalie and pick her brain about what she enjoys and also to take a look at her photography. Here is a little bit from our chat session.(CLICK HERE)

A Lost Art Returns

The art of being a barber has been shadowed by big salons and has taken a backseat in our modern society. 

Recently, people have realized how creative one can be when cutting hair and have taken it to new levels. The new barbershops are creating shops that are not only for getting a trip or getting lined up, but a place to go nd hang out and jaw-it-up with friends.

video courteousy of